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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  October 25, 2012 12:00am-1:05am PDT

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>> dicky: up next on an all new "jimmy kimmel live." axl rose. >> i worked at torer video for awhile jamaica what did you do? >> i became a manager for a very short amount of time. >> jimmy: did you have to scold people for being late? >> dicky: and ana gasteyer. >> jimmy: use something in your refrigerator to make a mike tison face tattoo. >> you look like one
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>> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy kimmel and joining me is the great drummer travis barker. how are you doing? >> good. >> jimmy: i understand you have an ep with yelawolf called "psycho white" coming out november 13th? >> yes, jimmy, but that's not why i'm here. as you might've heard, i just got out of rock rehab. being in rock rehab really opened my eyes to a growing epidemic that's taking over our nation. that's why i made this video to support this great cause, because if it could happen to me, it could happen to you. >> jimmy: i had no idea, travis. >> i'd love to show it to you if you have time. >> jimmy: absolutely, we're glad to help. >> i used to be wild, crazy but then i became a parent.
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don't get me wrong, being a dad is great but things start to happen to you they don't tell you about in the parenting books, dark things. >> parents may find the following content disturbing. >> hey, jeff, i see it's time to see the dentist. you see, you get it, it's tooth-hurty. >> i hit rock bottom but found something that changed my life. helping parents to 2 rock. just minutes after i called -- >> we'll be there to help you. >> someone was there to help me. the friendly people there had a state-of-the-art facility where my treatment began. ♪ >> kids listen to this. ah. wow. you can do this. >> push it through. push it through.
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>> it only took six months of rehab and countless hours of intense psychotherapy but i finally found the old me. thank you so much, you guys. >> yay! >> helping parents to rock saved my family. if it can save a guy like me it can definitely save you too. >> dad, can we do our homework. >> [ bleep ], it's family night. [ applause ] ♪ >> dicky: the new santa fe from hyundai, proud sponsor of "jimmy kimmel live" and official vehicle of "helping parents 2 rock." >> jimmy: "jimmy kimmel live" is back in two minutes with axl rose, ana gasteyer and music from the whigs. ♪
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introducing the new 13-inch macbook pro, ♪ with the stunning retina display. ♪ for the pro in all of us.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, axl rose, ana gasteyer,
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music from the whigs with cleto and the cletones and now not a moment too soon, here's jimmy kimmel! [ applause ] >> jimmy: thank you. i'm jimmy, the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for being here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] as you can see -- i want to welcome you all to the jungle, you know, we were supposed to have fun and games but i accide accidentally left scattergories in my car. we'll have to settle for fun. we have a special guest on the show tonight, axl rose is here
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and as a bonus he has part of the band here. good to meet you. >> how are you doing, man. >> jimmy: i like that. you came with two guitars attached into one. that's nice. well, it's good to have you here and guns n' roses have a 12-night gig at the hard rock hotel starting on halloween tonight in las vegas. if my monologue gets boring discuss play something. this will be the first live television interview axl has done in 20 years or -- [ cheers and applause ] it will be the first interview he's done in 20 years if he shows up. he's not here yet. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: you think he's going to be here? >> my guess, i was talking to the audience before, i was trying to calculate like my estimated from experience -- >> jimmy: yes, right. >> my guess is 7:23 he's going
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to arrive. >> jimmy: oh, a.m. or p.m.? >> p.m., but tomorrow. >> jimmy: okay, good. well, that will be a problem because -- well, maybe he'll be there in time for "good morning america." donald trump revealed what he said would be big news about the president. he went on ""fox & friends"" and announced he had something big concerning the president to report. unfortunately, it turned out it wasn't big. it wasn't news at all. this was trump's announcement. he posted this to his youusual channel. sometimes it's hard to know what donald really means when he speaks so we added translation to give you more insight than you would get from the video alone. >> president obama is the least transparent president in the history of this country. i'm very honored to have gotten him to release his long form birth certificate or whatever it may be. now, many, many people have
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questions and very serious questions. i have a deal for the president, a deal that don't believe he can refuse, and i hope he doesn't. if barack obama opens up and gives his college records and applications and if he gives his passport applications and records, i will give to a charity of his choice inner city children in chicago, american cancer society, aids research, anything he wants a check, immediately for $5 million. >> jimmy: inside voice. when i hear don trump speak i feel like a dog being scolded for rubbing his butt across the carpet. if obama releases his college applications and records and passport information by 5:00
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p.m. on halloween trump will give $5 million to charity. it seems like a trap lex luther will say. will it be the orphans or your secret identity. he seems to think he is a contestant in an imaginary game show. it's almost like he's putting together a scrapbook for the president which would be night and while his announcement was underwhelming to say the least it was notable enough to inspire a new holiday cartoon. >> linus, what are we doing in this stupid pumpkin patch on halloween night? >> just think, when the great trump rises out of the patch and delivers the big news that could change the course of this election, we'll be the first to hear it. >> this better be good. >> what's that? what's that? ♪ >> it's if barack obama opens up and gives his college records
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and applications, i will give to a charity of his choice a check for $5 million. >> huh? what the [ bleep ] was that? ♪ >> jimmy: linus, with the blankie. i should ask obama about that. the first lady will be a guest on our show tomorrow. she'll be here to -- to promote her new reality show, "america's next top lady." i'm excited to get a chance to interview her and excited about partying with her secret service agents after the show. fun guys. halloween is a week from tonight. are any of you planning to dress your ex up for halloween? really? not many. this is a dog name benny. benny was the star of the new york halloween dog parade and this is why.
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benny is pretty good, right? that's exactly what i look like in the seventh grade. so in case you're looking to mew mill yacht your dog, there's an idea. here's somebody i hope never to live next to. they put lights outside their house. this is a house in leesburg, virginia, did it for halloween. put 8,500 lights on the house and synced it up to exactly the song you think they would. ♪ gangnam style gangnam style ♪ woop woop gangnam style ♪ ♪ hey sexy lady woop woop woop gangnam style ♪ >> that's great for about 60 seconds and then -- [ applause ] >> i guess the question then becomes who do you kill first,
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your neighbors or yourself? as you may have heard apple unveiled their new ipad mini yesterday. it's got a 7.9-inch screen. two inches smaller than the regular ipad. apple wanted to make it smaller in case your mom wasn't squinting enough with the original ipad. i feel like at this point apple is releasing products just to see if there's anything we won't buy. whenever a new product like this comes out, you hear a lot of the tech experts weighing in but i like to hear what real people think. we went out in the street in hollywood to find out how the people of los angeles like the new ipad mini. unfortunately, it hasn't been released yet so we instead we handed them an ipod and told them it was the ipad mini. it's fun to do that and here's how it went. >> very nice. >> yeah, it's light. it's nice. >> compare the weight -- >> yeah. >> lightweight.
12:15 am
the screen is -- i mean -- the shade or whatever, yeah, you can still see it in the light or whatever. yeah. pretty cool. >> is it an hd screen? it looks like it's an hd screen like it's a little more shinier and clear. >> yeah. >> people are going to like it because it's cutting edge. i think they'll like the beveled edges. >> i would definitely buy one. >> yeah, sure. >> over an ipad. i like how it's smaller. >> it would definitely be convenient to, you know, bring with you somewhere, throw it right in your pocket. >> i'm a drunk dialer, so i refuse to have a phone. >> okay. >> you want to talk to me, you call bam bam at and i'll call you right back. >> jimmy: one more thing all next week we'll broadcast from
12:16 am
brooklyn and taking the whole show, it's the most elaborate traveling production since "saved by the bell" went to hawaii. great guests on the show, chris rock, howard stern, alicia, tracy morgan, kelly ripa, stephen colbert and a lot more. that's not even -- that's most of them but it's not all of them. because we're taking it to brooklyn we thought it would be fun to involve some of the people in brooklyn, brooklynites to play "the skype scavenger hunt." first from brooklyn welcome hector saez. how long have you lived in brooklyn? >> my whole life actually. >> jimmy: what do you do for a living, hector? >> i'm a surgical technologist and work in the operating room. >> jimmy: you're used to working under pressure then?
12:17 am
>> yeah. for the most part. >> jimmy: do you have a lot of crap in your apartment? >> as you can see, yes. >> jimmy: it looks pretty fleet to me but i'm pretty messy. okay, that's good. now, let's meet hector's opponent, say hello to sean berthiaume. sean, what do you do for a living? >> i own two pizzerias. >> jimmy: oh, is it the one that's on your shirt? >> that, say. >> jimmy: vinny's pizzeria. i heard people have tattoos of your face on their body. >> that's true, yes. >> jimmy: do you have any pictures -- well, i've heard you have pictures of the tattoos. >> i have pictures right here. >> jimmy: why do people pooh have tattoos -- >> here's one. >> yeah. that's you. >> on his back. >> jimmy: that's on a back? >> yep. >> jimmy: nice. who are these people that have tattoos of you? >> this is on someone's leg. >> jimmy: okay. wow.
12:18 am
>> this is me as a bobblehead on an arm. >> jimmy: on a human being's flesh permanently. >> yes. different people. >> jimmy: why did they do this? >> because i paid for them. >> jimmy: oh, you paid them to do this? >> yeah. i said if you get a tattoo of me i'll pay for it so they do it. >> jimmy: wow. you must have some really desperate friends. >> yep. >> jimmy: all right, well, hector and sean, look at that, lego. the rules of the game are simple. it's a scavenge injure hunt. find something or do something and you find it or do it. are you ready. okay, first round, i want to you bring back one thing we'd never have in l.a. one thing we'd never have in l.a. extra credit if it's mayor bloomberg, something like that. >> the animals are helping.
12:19 am
[ laughter ] all except for the cat. cats are very substandard. let's see. hector, what do you have there? what is that? s>> food. >> jimmy: what do you have, hector? >> [ bleep ]. >> jimmy: oh, a jacket. >> a winter coat. >> jimmy: sean, what do you have? >> this is a homemade mousetrap that a homeless person gave me. >> jimmy: we'll have to give that one to sean. and something you probably won't find anywhere than in sean's apartment. >> yeah. >> jimmy: round two, bring back something you wouldn't want your pore to see. but keep your clothes on. there goes the dogs again, the dogs are like, all right, we've had enough of this game.
12:20 am
we're just going to hang out here. oh, what does he have. this is exciting. hector, you returned first. you have a rubber ducky. why wouldn't your mother want to see it? does it vibrate? >> because it vibrates. >> jimmy: oh, it does. and, sean, what do you have there? >> this is my pink bunny costume. >> jimmy: why do you have that, sean? >> it's so fluffy. >> jimmy: okay, we'll give that one to hector so we have a tie here. this is the third and final round. this is a challenge. i want you to use something in your refrigerator to make a mike tyson face tattoo best tattoo wins. okay? something in your refrigerator, make a mike tyson face tattoo out of it. okay. look at that. sean isn't even -- oh, he is going to his refrigerator to the side and the dogs' butts you
12:21 am
see. the -- >> oh, lawry's there and sean is using ketchup. it looks like sean has been attacked on the right side. i like that they know what mike tyson's face actually looks like. okay. you know, you look like one of mike tyson's victims actually. >> jimmy: we'll call this a tie, i think. we'll give you both prizes. we're going to give you both ticks to our sold out shows in brooklyn next week, okay? so we'll see you there. thanks. we got a good show, ana gasteyer is here, we have music from the whigs and we'll be right back with axl rose, god willing, so stick around. go!
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: tonight on the program a "saturday night live" alum who is seen on the abc show "suburgatory" every wednesday night, ana gasteyer is here and music from this album, oh, this album, they're big again, it's called "enjoy the company" it's the whigs from the bud light stage and tomorrow, the first lady michelle obama will be here tomorrow night as will hollywood's first lady halle berry and music from ciara and we will mention from brooklyn all next week, our guest, howard
12:27 am
stern, chris rock, alicia keys, the avett brothers, tracy morgan, kelly ripa, stephen colbert and make a special effort to watch or we'll never do anything like this again. our first guest is the founding member of one of the biggest bands in rock 'n' roll history. guns n' roses begins a 12-date residency at the joint at the hard rock in vegas starting october 31st. please say hello to axl rose. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> nice. >> jimmy: i'll show you that. [ cheers and applause ]
12:28 am
>> jimmy: all right. >> wow. >> jimmy: i'm excited too. first all you're right on time. it's unbelievable. you're very punctual. >> it's a miracle. >> jimmy: why are you doing this? >> i was asked to and you wanted me to come here and -- >> jimmy: i bet everyone asks you. i've asked a million times and you're sick tonight. >> i'm doing better now. i was a little sick for a couple days. >> jimmy: are you on any antibiotics? >> i'm on a bunch of different things. >> jimmy: part of me doesn't want to get sick but part would like me to say i got strep throat from axl rose. >> i'm a lot better today. i think you're safe. >> jimmy: i learned just like a couple hundred feet from my theater is where guns n' roses first played for the first time,
12:29 am
a rehearsal space right near here. is that true? >> yeah. >> jimmy: do you ever drive by and say wow? >> a while ago but -- >> jimmy: do you remember that at all? >> unfortunately. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: how old were you when you moved to hollywood. >> 19. >> jimmy: 19 years old and came by yourself? >> yeah, i hitchhiked out here. >> jimmy: wow. did you meet a lot of shady characters -- >> yes, unfortunately, yes. >> jimmy: how long would you have to wait in between cars to get somebody -- and were you wearing the cod piece and the -- >> yeah, i was. when i wore the cod piece i got a ride a little quicker. >> jimmy: and how long was it before you got started making money as a professional musician? >> i don't -- i don't know if i'm making money now. no, a few years after we got up
12:30 am
and going. >> jimmy: what did you do during that time? did you have jobs before that? >> now and then. i worked at tower video for awhile. >> jimmy: on sunset, the big one. what did you do at tower video? >> i became a manager for a very short amount of time. >> jimmy: wow. so would you discipline employees? >> i let everybody have beers after work. you know. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: did you -- did you have to, you know, it's funny because i think every video store employee thinks they'll be a rock star one day. you're the only one that actually did. >> i hired everybody else too. i hired people from the old lineup. i hired all my other friends. we had a great time for awhile. >> jimmy: i would think so and as manager, did you have to like -- did you have to scold people for being late? >> ah, a little. i was more lenient. i was more lenient.
12:31 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: would you yell at people for not rewinding their vhs tapes? >> yeah, that was funny. >> jimmy: you notice this is a flier from -- was this your first band, rose? >> yeah, that was one -- not exactly. it was one of the first lineups. >> jimmy: i like that. living fast and they'll die young. see them now. who made this? did you guys make this yourself? >> yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: izzy made this and you put this together. that's great and i have something else that -- this is from your home, i believe. this is -- it appears to be a halloween tree. >> yes, this is one of the most evil things i've ever done. >> jimmy: and why? >> because we have these halloween parties and i decided, let's have a halloween tree. so we did a tree, put the presents, families come with their little kids and little kids stand there and then i would go, oh, you don't have a
12:32 am
halloween tree? and they'd go no then i would give them a present and their parents would call me for through months, you son of a -- >> jimmy: i can't even imagine you answering the door for trick-or-treaters. >> it was fun to have the halloween tree. their little faces and then they're pulling on their parent, why does he have it. >> jimmy: you like halloween? >> i love halloween. >> jimmy: do you dress up for halloween? >> sometimes. >> jimmy: do you remember the last costume you wore? >> no, but once i was a giant ear of corn. >> jimmy: oh, really. >> because we have a saying in guns n' roses when somebody is going to get yelled at they're going to get the corn. >> jimmy: the corn. >> so one year i was the corn. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and do you have like adult pears or is it just to torment the parents in your neighborhood? >> it was like for kids during the day and then more adult in
12:33 am
the evening. >> jimmy: i got you. now your website or twitter -- the official guns n' roses twitter page -- >> we have one of those. >> jimmy: you have one of those. i had a feeling you weren't that involved in the tweeting. >> sometimes, yes i am. >> jimmy: they ask your fans to ask what questions they would like me to ask you. >> i just heard about this. >> jimmy: i'm on conduit. a woman named melrose midori warrants to know if you think it's weird her son named after you. i guess it's a kid. >> i think it's a good thing unless i know the teacher -- >> jimmy: were you a good student? yeah, that would be a problem. hey, axl from maggie may, 047, if you could go back and redo a year, which year would you pick? >> that probably -- it would be somewhere within the last five or six. >> jimmy: oh, really? >> yeah. kind of had a little more fun now. >> jimmy: do you regret your
12:34 am
corn roles? i think they meant cornrows -- >> no. >> jimmy: from the '90s. >> no. >> jimmy: do you have them? >> did i save them? >> jimmy: in the smithsonian? it's braided in my hair so -- >> jimmy: i just thought of something when you were the giant ear of corn did you have cornrows out of it. >> yeah, i guess i did. >> jimmy: double corn. slater 715 says i wondered why axl ran backstage all the time during a song. >> well, i don't like to stand out during the solos. i feel like an idiot standing at the side so there's that, i'll change clothes, you know, anything that needs to be taken care of or whatever, figure out what we're doing, next song. >> jimmy: i got you. rabbit 25 asks who are you going to vote for? are you a voter? >> ah, i don't really vote. >> jimmy: it seeps weird with a guy with the appetite for
12:35 am
democracy -- >> i'm in california and i usually lean democratic and that's where i'm running anyway -- >> jimmy: you figure let them do it. >> it's like going for the presidential stuff such a landslide anyway. >> jimmy: this would make a great rock the rock commercial. >> i'm not out there but i would lead obama -- >> jimmy: we'll take a break and talk about your show at the hard rock. >> i was afraid of that. >> jimmy: axl rose is here with us. we'll be right back. liquid plumr double impact ...
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[ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: our guest star, axl rose is here with us. you have a 12-night residency at the hard rock beginning on halloween night. that's going to be -- will you -- is 12 days in vegas a good idea for you? >> yeah, it will be a challenge in a different way. >> jimmy: you know in vegas -- >> to not get in trouble.
12:41 am
>> jimmy: so they can get them back to gambling but you have a different clock. >> we play a little bit longer. >> jimmy: you play a little bit longer. >> but by then they might have a few more drinks and be wanting to stay around the tables longer. >> jimmy: this is something that somebody gave me the heads-up hanging in your home. it looks like a calligraphy. punctuality is the thief of time -- >> an oscar wilde quote. >> jimmy: what time will you guys go on and what time will you really go on at las vegas. >> we'll probably go on the time we're supposed to go on as soon as i find out what time it is or as soon as we negotiate it. >> jimmy: if it says 9:00, he's -- >> we've been doing a lot better lately. >> jimmy: have you really? >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: and that's almost the
12:42 am
worst possible answer because once again you're going to lure people into being there on time. >> yeah. >> jimmy: you know what would be fun, have an opening comedian you could torment by leaving him on stage for an hour and a half, maybe -- >> like we had dice clay. >> jimmy: get him then. he could do an hour and a half. that should be no problem at all. who is in the band right now? >> we have bumble foot over there. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: he's in our band now too. >> we have dj ash -- [ cheers and applause ] rick richard fordis on guitar. frank ferrero on drums and dizzy read on ts. a whole bunch of us. >> jimmy: of those who will be the first to go? >> probably pittman. >> jimmy: he's on thin ice. >> kneel pittman, that's what we'll calling him now after the
12:43 am
neil young show. >> jimmy: how did it go. >> it was my first time to meet him and did a song with us because i've always liked the song of his account don't let it bring you down." he agreed to sing it with us. he's just a powerhouse. >> jimmy: still gets excited with performing with these guys. >> plus, he's just so the real deal and so strong and -- >> jimmy: who did you love when you were a kid musicianwise? >> my favorite group was queen and sweet but i liked the beatles and the songs. i was raised on elvis. >> jimmy: i remember -- i remember everybody being surprised you were an elton john fan. >> elton john was probably my favorite or one of my favorites. as a band it was queen but elton and bernie paupen's lyrics are still my favorite lyrics. favorite lyricist. >> jimmy: i didn't know what to expect when you came out here. i was worried i would be the
12:44 am
only one talking. >> i think we got some tickets under the people's seats. >> jimmy: for the audience members. >> so it might be -- there should be two sets of ticks. >> jimmy: reach under your seats. >> also had another surprise. >> jimmy: what is the surprise. >> i wanted to bring you something and thought i should bring like the audience and crew something so i brought a tommy's burger truck. >> jimmy: you did. >> yes. so there's gift certificates and a burger truck outside so everybody can have something to eat. >> jimmy: axl rose, he's like santa claus, everyone. guns n' roses, their 12-day residence at the joint at the hard rock in vegas starts october 31st halloween night. we'll be right back with ana gasteyer. you are terrible. i can't see.
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>> jimmy: you know our next guest from half a dozen seasons on "saturday night live." now she spreads her wings to fly alone on her show "suburgatory." watch it wednesdays at 9:30 here on abc. please welcome ana gasteyer. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: did you meet axl rose? >> i did. i did. i ran right into him but he had a lot of people around him and the lady from my video store in brooklyn told me to tell him that her son is the one that's been following him for 20 years. he has the use the illusion tattoo.
12:55 am
but i didn't get to tell him so anyway -- >> jimmy: you're till going to video stores. >> yeah, isn't it great. >> jimmy: you're the one? what, are you amish? >> i'm quaker. i like people to think -- yeah, it just makes me see to see those dusty boxes like "the velveteen rabbit." i'll walk in, point and leave predominantly but sometimes you can't get things. sometimes they're going to be there. >> jimmy: you're shooting "suburgatory" here in los angeles but live in brooklyn. >> i do. >> jimmy: and your family lives in brooklyn too. your husband and your kids. >> yes. >> jimmy: and how does that work out exactly? >> how do they live there? >> jimmy: how do you handle it? >> so, i commute. i do have a long commute so i come here and i work on "suburgatory" and i work, work, work then i go home and i enjoy the views of the brooklyn bridge and i'm nice to my children and then if i'm on the plane i have my quiet time.
12:56 am
>> jimmy: i see, okay, so you go back every weekend? >> it's not organized like that cleanly because of tv but whenever i can i go home. >> jimmy: do they come out here. >> they came in the summertime but they have a life. i stay with my friend tony so i have my husband, 16 years and next -- week after next and -- is my microphone off? >> jimmy: no, it's on. >> oh, that's the magical sound. >> jimmy: if you touch it, that will happen. go ahead, try it again. ♪ >>. >> jimmy: see that? >> i sort of fee like -- this is uncomfortable to talk about husbands like we're going to fall in love. >> jimmy: you know what, no one else heard that except us. isn't that something? >> did they see the twinkle? >> jimmy: i don't know -- did you see the twinkle? [ cheers and applause ] >> yes, so i have my -- i have my husband then i stay with my gay friend tony, my gusband. >> jimmy: your gusband.
12:57 am
>> and charlie and my wusband so i have a lot of things going on with cons annapoliss and -- >> jimmy: your wusband. >> my work husband. i have literally chris parnell who i -- >> jimmy: on "suburgatory." >> we're married on "suburgatory." we have been playing, we were on "saturday night" together so far we have been the same uptight couple in our 40s that we were in our 20s. just years after years. we'll be like in the catskills together. >> jimmy: it's a good show, funny and your character seemed like just an uptight like kind of mom but then you started to become a weirdo. >> she's insane, yeah. she started pretty weird. it was just all veneer. like the first -- at the pilot, on the pilot emily, the creator, we discuss the fact that i may have buried my ovaries under the roses which why they were so large. anyway, that's the detail but, yeah, there's some -- it's about -- it's that behind the
12:58 am
picket fence stuff. there's some -- there's some sorrow. >> jimmy: when you did the imitations -- i remember you did martha stewart. you did celine dion. do people get upset for you for imitating them on the show? >> you know, they're predominantly very sweet bit. i think they all think imitation is a high form of flattery. i did martha pretended she was happy, but i could tell she was raging, absolutely raging behind all of it. >> jimmy: she doesn't seem like she's a lot of fun. >> she's -- >> jimmy: what did she say. >> i've met her a lot and she's like that's all very charming but celine dion -- you know those sneaker-uppers you play the part and the real -- >> jimmy: yeah, right. >> so -- >> jimmy: they're called sneaker-upper. >> i did a sneaker-upper with her at madison square garden. they asked me to go there as her and pretend i was her halfway through the show and started
12:59 am
playing the "titanic" music at the moment in cultural orgasm around the "titanic" show, gazillions of supreme screaming -- just like so excited so i started -- i started coming up this elevator and -- they had me dress as her in her kind of funky high french canadian which was -- it was a lady tuck which is always a great look and it was a cummerbund that stretched -- but right from the end of her pubic triangle to her sternum. very lengthy and full length and she had earlier a break-away skirt that got funky. let it go, right. i was in the lady tux part and you know, i came out and everybody pretended to be her and made some crappy imitation and she came up behind me, whoo! like i couldn't see it and i was singing the "titanic" song with the pants salute and everything
1:00 am
and afterwards i said thank you so much. you were so gracious about it. she was said it was so horrible because it was so horrible to ear -- i thought she thought the bit was i was a horrible singer. she didn't get it. >> jimmy: what are you going to do? >> she didn't beat me up. >> jimmy: congratulations on the success of the show, "suburgatory" wednesday nights at 9:30 here on abc. ana gasteyer. we'll be right back with the whigs. [ applause ]
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>> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series sponsored by bud light. >> jimmy: the new album is called "enjoying the company." here's a song "tiny treasures," the whigs. ♪ng the company." here's a song "tiny treasures," the whigs. ♪g the company." here's a song "tiny treasures," the whigs. ♪ the company." here's a song "tiny treasures," the whigs. ♪ ♪ all night the sky is calling i fall asleep in the midnight garden ♪ ♪ another lifetime long forgotten i lived it up but remember nothing else ♪ ♪ we're out in hollywood dancing in the stars
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i'll walk you to the moon arm and arm on mars ♪ ♪ and underground the worms are feeding i take a bite and along comes eden ♪ ♪ my little princess so deceiving i kiss her lips and uh yeah ♪ ♪ we're out in hollywood dancing in the stars i'll walk you to the moon arm and arm on mars ♪ ♪ these tiny treasures


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